8 Tips to Survive the Rest of Winter

So the groundhog says Winter is ending soon. And we did have a few 60 degree days already! But reality is, there’s still a few weeks left, no more football to watch and Spring gardening and Spring sports aren’t quite here yet. So what do we do to pass the time until March 21st when Spring officially kicks in? We roamed around Colony Place to check out some great tips from home care to health care to self care to come up with our favorite “pick me up’s” for the next few weeks… maybe there are even some Valentine’s Day gift ideas in here!

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1. Give Your Home a Mini Face Lift.
Nowadays, you can change up the décor in your house fairly inexpensively. Here are a few ideas that won’t break the bank –

  • Brighten up your sofa with colorful pillows.
  • Change the décor in your entry way (take down the greens and the pine cones and put up some neutral flowers that don’t quite shout Spring just yet, but have a hint of color to change it up).
  • Put some motivational signs on your walls.
    Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond

  • Put a new wreath on your door.
  • Change your bedding décor.

You get the idea…and you’ll feel like a breath of fresh air has entered your home.

2. Give Yourself a Mini Face Lift.

  • During the winter, our skin gets dull. What better time than to pamper yourself? The latest trend in home facial care is probiotics for your skin!
  • Or… even better – One of the most popular trends right now is the “family” at home spa day. Grab your girls (young or old), some face masks, hydrating hand and foot mitts, eye masks, nail polish, exfoliant and lip cream. Your kids will have a blast and so will you! Don’t forget the cucumbers for your eyes – and the pictures for the memories.
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3. Buy a Journal and Write Some Memories.
Whether you’re creative and want to write some fun short stories or some memories of funny things you’re kids say and do (I wish I did that!), or just want to write down your woes rather than carry them with you, journaling is a great way to pass a cold day with a cup of your favorite “Joe” and a nice candle.

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4. Read the Latest Trendy Book.
If writing or journaling isn’t your “thing”, check out some of the top trending books like Reese Witherspoon’s Whiskey in a TeaCup, Magnolia Table- a collection of recipes by Joanna Gaines, The Bucket List- 1000 Adventures Big & Small, David Ortiz’s Cooking with the Pros.

5. Gaming.
I’m not a gamer, but let’s face it – many people young and small are – especially when it’s Winter time. According to the experts at Game Stop, the hottest new games are “Resident Evil 2”and “Kingdom Hearts”. If you want to spend some family time gaming, the “Super Mario Bros.U Deluxe” and “Super Smash Bros” are where it’s at.

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6. Organize!
Ugh…we all hate it. But what’s worse? Doing it now when there’s nothing else to do or doing it when the sun comes out and it’s a beach day? Get it over with and clean out those closets! You’ll feel so much better when it’s done. Need help? The hottest trend is following Marie Kondo with her Netflix original series “Tidying Up”. She also has a book if you prefer.




Cape Cod Nutrition Corner
7. Change Up Your Health Routine.
As they say – “Summer bodies are made in the Winter”. So get outside – cold or not – and go for a long walk. You’ll feel invigorated when you’re done. Here are a few top trends in staying healthy:

  • The Keto Diet is hot right now – so get out your nutribullet or a blender and try a cup of ß – so delicious, gives you energy and keeps you full all day! For more on the benefits of “Bulletproof coffee” check out this website: www.ketoconnect.net
  • I don’t know about you but I have 20 different remedies in my medicine cablnet for those “sick days.” What’s the best single product to “kick the sick?” Cape Cod Nutrition says “Elderberry” is the best defense against getting sick. The New Chapter brand makes a formula with Echinacea, Zinc and Vitamin C for one-stop shopping!
  • We are all deficient in Vitamin D. Take a supplement to reduce depression and exhaustion during the cloudy days.

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8. Diffuse Essential Oils
Essential oils are definitely a big trend these days! Peppermint and wild orange are known to give you energy. Lavender calms you. There are essential oils for just about every ailment or desire. Pick a scent and put it in a diffuser or directly on your wrists. If the scent bothers you (or your kids), put the oils on the bottom of your feet – they will absorb faster anyway. Or, use fractionated coconut oil mixed with the essential oil to dilute it a bit.

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