Back to College at Bed, Bath & Beyond

Going off to college is an exciting experience. Some stay near and others travel far, but you’re always going to need your dorm room essentials. Bed, Bath, and Beyond at Colony Place is your one stop shop for everything you may need on your new adventure, or even if you’re already in school. Being a college student myself, I too had to prepare for my new lifestyle and make sure I had everything I needed.

Thanks to their detailed list of items you may need in your dorm, you won’t forget a thing. Bed, Bath, and Beyond has you covered from storage, bedding, toiletries, room decor, and more, not only the necessities, but extras that I have found extremely useful in my time at school.

Bedding is a huge part or your college career believe it or not. With the little sleep you do get your freshman year of college, you want your bedding to not only represent your style, but be comfortable too. With various colors, patterns, and sizes of sheets you will not leave without finding whats perfect for you. Don’t forget, the bed in your dorm is most likely a twin xl which is different from the average bed, make sure you do your research and find out what size your school offers!

Dorm showers and bathrooms are most likely very different from what you’re used to at home. I can almost guarantee you will need several products that will help you transition to this new bathroom environment. Everything from a shower caddy, a robe, towels, and even hair wraps can be found right here in store!

Now that you’ll be living on your own it’s time to think about laundry. Not only are laundry bags and hampers important, but my personal favorite, the steamer, and things like clothing hangers, are guaranteed to be useful to you.

Let’s talk room decor. Everyone want’s their new home to be picture perfect. Your dorm is a chance to express your personal style and create a living and study environment that will work best for you. Throw pillows, wall decor, whiteboards, and even decorative seating are a few things you could include in your dorm to spice things up.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond now offers a college registry that you may sign up for in store or online and share with friends and family, so your graduation party can be filled with practical items. A perfect way to get everything you need without emptying your pockets. Bed, Bath and Beyond also offers a one-on-one shopping experience with a college expert, and it’s completely free!

Bed Bath and Beyond now has campus ready shopping events. If you’re a recent grad heading off to college this year, I would definitely recommend attending. Not only do you get to see all of what this store has to offer, but have fun with other graduates heading off to school! The best part is if you attend an event and get a College Savings Pass, you will receive 20% off your entire purchase EVERY time you shop now until October 1!

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