College Bound – Be Campus Ready!

Thanks to Bed, Bath and Beyond, Best Buy and Walmart all at Colony Place, you can get everything you need for your college move-in at “the One Place For Everything!”

Here are a few of our best tips…

Clean it up! – Unless you’re a neat freak, surely there are lots of fights at home related to cleaning your room. Before you move in, grab a bucket and fill it with all the cleaning supplies you’ll need. Don’t forget paper towels and a toilet plunger and brush.

Sleep – though the late nights studying (or having fun!) will minimize the number of snoozing hours, make sure those that you do get are the best z’s possible. Standard dorm mattresses are just 5-7” thick but there are ways to pump up their mattress and make it super comfy… memory foam, cooling pads, odor and stain fighting pads and are just a few upgrades you can bring with you. Note that most twin beds in dorms are “extra long” and require special sheets! Want to make sure you have no “friends – aka critters” living in your bed – get an sleep-safe mattress protector to prevent bed-bugs from visiting! There’s something super cozy (feels like your favorite t-shirt) about jersey sheets – plus they are good for any type of weather. Another great tip – too hard to wash a standard cotton comforter in the local laundry mat – get a duvet cover and a down or down-like duvet and all you need to wash is the cover!

Bathroom – Not used to sharing a bathroom? Well you could be doing lots of sharing now! Try AquaFlops – flip flops that are perforated to drain water fast. And make sure you get a shower tote so you can keep all your supplies in one place. Easy to care and also easy to say “hey – that’s mine cuz it’s in my tote”! Privacy no more when it’s time to “go”- so don’t forget Poo-Pourri to zap bathroom odors.

Closet – make sure you get slim-line hangers. Though they are more expensive than the standard hangers, you’ll appreciate the extra room in your closet! You can even get a double hanging closet rod to create double the hanging space. Don’t forget something to hold your shoes either over a door or in your closet.

Space Savers – Underbed storage is the best space-saver! Grab a few 3M wall-safe adhesives and the hooks that come on and off easily so you can hang things (backpacks, handbags, coats, etc.) from your wall and keep them off your floor.

Study!! After all, that’s why you’re there. So make sure you don’t do all the work…only to lose it in a power surge. Get a surge protector with multiple standard plugs and also extra slots with special USB chargers. Also bring several extension cords for your laptop and other electronic devices. Pack some sharpies to label your things and a desk lamp for those late nights where your roomie may be sleeping.

Travel light – You can pick out all your stuff at Colony Place at Bed, Bath and Beyond and pick It up at the store closest to your school with their Pack and Hold program! But, if you have to cart and cary, make sure you bring a dolly to load up!

**All of this said, make sure you “know before you go”… get the details on what your school provides, what you’re allowed to bring and what’s on the “no-no” list. You can shop with a college expert at Bed, Bath and Beyond and even sign up for a registry there so all your family and friends can contribute!

* Bring your Preferred Shopper card to Best Buy and get 10% off a single accessory (some exclusions apply). Use that for printer ink for starters and save a bundle!

Move-in Day – Here are just a few hints for when you arrive:

Tool Kit – You will likely need a tool kit on move-in day, and you may as well leave it there for all the extras you may not get to on day 1.

Door Stop – Bet you wouldn’t have thought of that! But it will save you from trying to move in with one hand opening the door and one hand moving your things!

Refreshments – You’ll probably be setting up all day…so bring some drinks and snacks to get you through!

Box Fan – Many dorm rooms have no A/C so make sure you bring a big powerful fan for move-in day and to keep you cool in the hot months.

Better Safe Than Sorry – bring a first aid kit – hopefully you won’t need it but better safe than sorry. And you may as well leave that there. Speaking of “better safe than sorry”, bring a roll of toilet paper and soap and a hand towel with you for move-in day. Not sure that will be there waiting for you!

Bring your smile… and your Kleenex (mostly for mom and dad) and enjoy your new chapter now that you will be prepared!

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