Creating a “Harvest to Holiday” Look for your Table

Creating the perfect holiday table can get expensive, especially if you’re hosting more than one holiday. So what can you do to transform your table from “Harvest to Holiday” – making it look like two different settings? Thanks to the folks at Pier 1 Imports, here are a few tips:

  • “Glam jewel” is really in. Find two different beaded placemats (one for each holiday) to put underneath your simple centerpiece. Let the “glam” do the talking! (see photos for ideas on glam placemats available at Pier 1). Use one placemat that feels “harvesty” and another that feels “holiday”. Or, change up the color of the placemat to make sure it looks different from holiday to holiday.
  • Keep your china or special dinnerware the same, but change up the chargers. A one-time investment of two different sets of chargers will help you create a different look using the same dinner plates.
  • Change the napkin ring. A great selection of fun choices at Pier 1.
  • Use centerpieces that you would also repurpose around your house so you don’t feel badly about buying two. By using a centerpiece that you can decorate on the inside (such as a hurricane vase), you can change the inside decor for little money and create a whole new look each holiday or from year-to-year. Check out the blog on Homemade for the Holidays to get great ideas on creating your own centerpiece from Michael’s Arts and Crafts.
  • Buy a few strands of LED lights. One clear and one colored if you like. These battery-operated, remote-controlled lights are the latest thing in holiday decorating and by purchasing two different colored strands you can change the look in a flash.
  • You can also change out your candle for a different look. Keep the same centerpiece for each holiday, but a change in the look or even the scent of the candle can change it up for next to nothing on the budget. Some fun choices are also available at Bath and Body Works.
  • Of course, a simple change in the table cloth can do the trick. Find a fall look for Thanksgiving and a jewel or color that matches your holiday for the next affair. Check out Bed, Bath and Beyond or Pier 1.
  • Now you have all your pieces, how do you set a proper dinner table? Follow the picture here and you’ll be “all set”. A fun little tip if you’re at a formal dinner with a tight setting and you forget which is your drink and which is your bread plate…Make a circle with your left thumb and second finger while the other fingers stick together and straight out, so it looks like a “b”. That is your bread plate (on the left). Do the same with your right fingers and make a “d”. That is your drink glass (on the right).
  • placesetting

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