Homemade for the Holidays

Here are some tips we got at Michael’s Arts and Crafts about how you can still add the “homemade touch” to your holidays without breaking the budget or the time clock.

Winter Centerpiece To Last the Season

Consider two small vs. one large centerpiece if you have the length in your table. For starters, go outside! The best and least expensive options can come right from your backyard. Pinecones, greens, dried leaves, twigs. But whatever you don’t have, Michael’s does!

To make the centerpiece pictured here, start with a square glass vase. Spray the inside with spray adhesive and pour snowflakes from a bag over the spray glue. Dump out the extra flakes that don’t stick.

While you have the spray adhesive and snow out, spray several twigs or thin branches with the glue and put snowflakes in a trash bag. Put 5-7 glued twigs in the bag and shake. Wait a few minutes for them to dry.

Put a little glue on the bottom of the snowy branches. Place a green oasis inside the vase. Push the branches into the oasis on the edges of the vase. If you have artificial stems, you can bend them forward to drape over the vase.

Use heavy floral wire on the toes of a white feather owl to weight it down. Glue the wire on his feet and push down into the oasis.

Add some branches or leaves with colored berries to the arrangement. Wrap a red bow around the vase and you’re done!

*Side note – if you use the glue gun a lot, you can purchase a glue pot (not available in store). The glue gets soft inside the warmer when you plug it in and hardens back up again when you shut it off.

apronGingerbread Man Apron

What a fun gift or a great project for you and the kids to make together for your own baking activities. The best part? No sewing required! And Michael’s Arts and Crafts at Colony Place has everything you need.

Start by warming up your glue gun. Choose your apron material and cut the shape of just the bottom “skirt” of the apron to your size. Then cut out the straps. Use a glue gun to put the skirt and the straps together. For a cleaner look, slightly fold over and glue the material at the edges all the way around the skirt and the straps so you don’t see the “unclean” edges of the material. It’s really that simple to start!

The gingerbread fabric cut-outs are available at Michael’s too. Simply glue them on to the apron itself or depending on the fabric you use, you can put a light or white colored square piece of fabric down first so the gingerbread characters stand out. Michael’s has lots of fun (fake) candy embellishments to glue them to the bottom of the apron.

That’s it! Fun and easy for you and the kids! Make one for Grandma so you can make cookies for Santa together!

ribbonSpecial Moment Trees

Homemade special moment trees are the hot item to craft this year. You can create a wedding tree, a baby’s first Christmas tree, a senior year of high school “going away” tree (to take to college), a vacation memory tree and so much more. Here are a few tips to get your started:

For example, on a wedding tree, you could use dried flowers from the bouquet, the invitation, photos from the reception, the giveaways and the garter. For a vacation memory tree you could use the photo of the passport, the airline tickets, the pictures, a small airplane toy. For a baby’s first Christmas tree include the baby socks, the hospital id tag, the announcement, an ornament that says baby’s first Christmas.

At Thanksgiving, every guest can bring one holiday memory ornament (you can ask them to bring the finished ornament or just the memory and the ornament decorating can be part of the Thanksgiving activity).

Here’s how to seal those memories and protect them forever:

Check out the clear plastic ornaments that open to put your special memory inside. Put your photos, memorabilia, etc. inside then seal them up with a glue gun and some ribbon around the opening and your memory is saved and decorated forever!

According to Michael’s Floral Designer, “less is best” – keep your tree simple. You can create a unique Special Moment Tree or a traditional “Old World New England” tree. “A little bit of holly and a little bit of snow can go a long way.”

Holiday Projects For Kids

Tips on gingerbread making – unless you’re going to eat it, use a glue gun in addition to the frosting so your house won’t fall!

Choose from a huge variety of scrapbook paper at Michaels. Have the kids laminate the paper and use them as placemats. They can handwrite their name in nice writing and use that also as a place card for each guest. You can change the paper for each holiday so there’s something different for each event. Or use a photo or holiday card on top of a basic scenery paper and laminate that.

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