What’s IN Style for Spring


No matter how you do it, feminine is in for the ladies…


Fall sported the “cold shoulder” (open mid way through the arms)…now that the weather is warmer, make room for the “BOLD SHOULDER” (open across the chest and shoulders). Don’t forget to lather up that sunscreen so you don’t get a new style of “Farmer’s Tan”.

On those warm/cool days, go for the light weight longer very feminine BELL SLEEVES.

Look for RUFFLES – from sheer to structured, ruffles add flair to tops and dresses this season.

EMBROIDERY and WILDFLOWER EMBELLISHMENTS make “girlish” DENIM AND ROMPERS the casual look of choice.

If you need an extra layer, add a STATEMENT JACKET – petals, patches and appliqués finish the feminine look.

POSITIVITY STATEMENT shirts are a casual must – especially those with feminist statements.

SATIN SHEEN and POWERFUL PRINTS are worn together.

Where to find the look? Loft, Talbots, J. Jill, Chico’s, Charming Charlie


DENIM’s latest hem is the “RAW EDGE” on jeans and pants. And FRINGE is still around.

Time to give those “tight ankles” a break. Move in cropped wide legs.

Where to find the look? Loft







Where to find the look? DSW


The neutrals have it… BLUSH…as feminine as it gets.

But don’t rule out WHITE or TAN/EARTH SAND color for jeans and pants.


Pastels and peach with either no liner or light liner keeps your look fresh for Spring

Multiple pastel shades worn together can brighten up your look

Monochromatic color – the same color tone on the eyes, lips and cheeks makes the natural beauty in you “Spring forward”.

For your final touch, add a highlighter on the cheek bones or an illuminator for glowy, dewy skin

Where to find the look? Ulta


The COLOR CONTOUR is “the latest” -the hairdresser uses shadows and highlights to perfect the shape of your particular face with color placement.

For those of you who straighten your hair…save yourself the time! CURLY and SOFT WAVY is back in.

Or for the more daring, try dying your hair BLUE (the latest color) or any PASTEL, or even an UNDERCUT, where they shave the back of your head and often put designs in the shave.

The “LOB” is the long bob…collar bone length with texture at the bottom.

Want something different but don’t want to make a major change? Try BRAIDS in DIFFERENT STYLES.

Where to find the look? Ulta, James Joseph, Supercuts


CHOKERS and BIG AND BOLD ACCESSORIES are everywhere and make a great look especially when paired with a bold shoulder top. But don’t rule out the delicate pieces. You can still find them.

CORAL and MINT together or separate

SCARVES are still in…lightweight it is.

Where to find the look? Charming Charlie and Icing


The kids are HAPPY to keep wearing EMOJI’S. And they’re wearing them on everything!

ATHLETIC MOISTURE WICKING material was the best invention…don’t see that going away any time soon.

NEON is still around in just about every color.

SWIMWEAR has covered up. Tankini tops cover the mid-drift for great sun protection. But just in case, the new styles have SPF in the material itself.

Where to find the look? Children’s Place, Gymboree and Justice


Guys – you are in luck! CASUAL meet SPORTY but CLASSY. Unless you are required to wear a suit to a business meeting, the look now is so much cooler.

THICKER LINEN CASUAL SPORT COATS, PANTS, SHIRTS AND JACKETS. The thicker linen helps avoid wrinkles. Or try a LINEN VEST with denim for a cool look.

Bye-bye tie. Try a semi-casual shirt with a vest and a pair of dress jeans or chinos are an acceptable office attire this season.

Where to find the look? Men’s Wearhouse


MAGNOLIA HOME is a new designer that seems to have hit the pavement running.

MUTED NEUTRALS WITH A POP OF GREEN such as Magnolia’s signature…a magnolia leaf.

Where to find the look? Pier 1 Imports

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